I’ve been a Christian for decades now, and over those years I've learned a few things. My hope is that these lessons might help both new believers and older ones like me stay focused on what truly matters as we journey with Christ.

1. Keep it Simple

It can be easy to get distracted by all the intricate doctrines and complicated dogmas of our faith. But Jesus kept His message simple, telling us to love God and love one another. Avoid getting lost in the weeds of details while losing sight of these truths.

2. Read Your Bible Regularly

Spending time in God’s Word daily helps you deepen your relationship with Him and keep you spiritually grounded. Don't let reading the Bible slip down your list of priorities—make it a habit and stick to it.

3. Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer helps us maintain direct communication with God. Pray throughout your day, speaking with Him about your thoughts, concerns, joys, and sorrows. It will bring you closer to Him and offer peace in difficult times.

4. Be Kind and Gracious

As followers of Jesus, we should be known for our compassion, grace, and kindness in a world filled with hate and intolerance. By showing love to those around us, we can shine a light on the hope we have in Christ.

5. Practice Forgiveness

Holding grudges leads to bitterness and separates us from God's grace. Forgiveness, on the other hand, sets us free and brings us closer to Christ's example. Learn to forgive those who've wronged you, just as He forgave our countless mistakes.

6. Find Community

Life isn't meant to be lived in isolation. Joining together with other believers provides encouragement, support, and accountability. A good church or small group can provide the connection necessary to grow in faith together.

7. Serve Others Selflessly

Christ called us to serve others wholeheartedly, no strings attached. Look for opportunities to help those around you—whether family, friends, strangers, or those less fortunate. Seek ways to use your unique gifts and talents to bless others.

8. Guard Your Heart

It's easy to be lured by false teachings or worldly temptations. Always examine teachings against God's Word, staying alert to signs of deception. Also, resist the pull of lustful desires or idolizing materialistic things over your relationship with Christ.

9. Share Your Faith With Others

As Christians, we have a responsibility to share the Good News with those who haven’t yet placed their faith in Christ. Remember that this doesn't always require elaborate presentations but often starts with simple conversations, kindness, and acting as Christ would act.

These lessons have helped me sustain my Christian walk for many years now and hope they can assist anyone at any stage of their faith journey.